The holiday homes Apfelrot and Hopfengrün in the peak season are only bookable for 5 nights or more, off season they are bookable for 3 nights or more. Please respect the seasonal differences in pricing. In july and august the holiday homes are bookable for 7 nights or more.

Peak season
price each night
Off season
price each night
2 People 90€ (up to 14 days)
85€ (14 days or more)
90€ (3-4 nights)
70€ (5-6 nights)
65€ (7 nights)
each additional Person 15€ 15€

Calender of seasons

Peak season: April to the end of the summer holiday in Baden-Württemberg and from the 1st October to the end of the fall holiday in Baden-Württemberg
Off season: Mid-September to end of September and from the 2nd week of November to the end of March

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