We are your host

Family Müller

We are farmers with all our heart, we love our region and the Lake Constance. We are the Müller family consisting of Grandpa Bruno, Grandma Gertrud, Dad Stefan, Mom Carmen, the children Irina, Anna and Julius, as well as our dog Baily.

We have guests from all over the world

It is very important for us that you feel really comfortable at our place. Many regular guests come to us again and again. We even have visitors from Australia and New Zealand - as we like to get to know new things, our doors are open to all guests. For children at every age there is a lot to discover on the farm and we have already made some great child friendships!
We are a really active family. You could say "real sportsmen", everyone of us has a favourite sport, whether swimming, skiing, cycling, walking or football. Adventurous and sociable, we also like to be on the road on Sundays and enjoy excursions to our beautiful region or have friends and family as guests on the farm.

We love Oberschwaben and know beatiful places

We know quite a few nice places and ideas for trips in weather. Swimming pools, castles, towns, cities and many more.

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